The choreographer Gabriella Maiorino, based in Amsterdam, decided in 2013 to create an open invitation for artists to gather together and put on the table the issue of which kind of art we need and want to do in these times.

Our departure point was a cloud of questions linked together:

Which themes seem relevant to share and work on, which is the role of the artists and which are the connections between art, culture, nature and ethics today.

 Where to do art, for whom and how to act creatively beyond the “market oriented” frame of theatres and production houses.

Coming from different parts of Europe, with different experiences and backgrounds, 13 dancers, the choreographer and a video maker specialized in documentaries, we found our self to creatively share our common situation. This context created a will for reflection, discussion and a creation in different human environments.

On a later stage, “Christ….fuck” became a research and performance project with a smaller group of artists involved, still taking place in france and in Holland.





Gabriella Maiorino, Francesco Cavaliere, Kim Hoogterp, Mayke van Kruchten, Julia Berrocal, Dorit Weintal, Noora Hannula, Michael Walti, Jos Daamen, Rocco Vermijs, Valeria Zampardi, Andrea Hackl, Giulia Amici, Mireia Izquierdo de Benito, Alma Sua Lindenhovius.



Gabriella Maiorino

Julia Berrocal, Kim Hoogterp, Stefano Taiuti, Alma Lindenhovius, Chris de Feyter

Simone Giacomini

Cie Pied de Nez, Amiens (FR) and CLANCARNAL, Amsterdam, with the support of La Briqueterie, Amiens.


September 2013, Amsterdam buurtboerderij