I’m not like most kids. I’m like all kids.
I am the alpha kid and the omega kid.
I have many faces, and I am called by many names,
not all of which are audible to human ears.
i am legion. i contain multitudes.

‘connect the dots’ (6+) shows how we make sense of
the world, how we inhabit our inner and outer worlds at the same time.
it is not a dance about growing up, but about branching out –
seeking that sweet spot between freedom and belonging,
where untamed imagination and friendship can coexist.



Erik Kaiel and Gabriella Maiorino

Heleen Aleid van Gigch/Gabriella Maiorino, Valentina Campora,
Jordine Cornish/Mayke van Kruchten

Simone Giacomini

Loes Schakenbos

Produced by Archeopteryx8 and co-produced by Tanzhaus Dusseldorf, Tafelhalle Nuernberg, Tanz in Schulen Munchen, Het Lab Utrecht and Fonds Podiumkunsten.


24 November 2013, TANZHAUS DUSSELDORF (Germany)