A short piece by Gabriella Maiorino in collaboration with composer Carlos Alberto Iturralde for the program MIXED EMOTIONS.

where is love? in the ground? in the movement, in the bodies? in the shoes,  in the smiling, in the food in the sex? In the sun in the dance in the colours in the freedom? in the touching in the game in the humans in the notes? can we make it even stronger, more consistent and clearly visible? Like an animal, like a mistery like a baby in between us all? can we put it on a stage, right in front of everybody, recognize it and take it within us all? Is it too late, are we too intelligent too cynical too full of informations too tired too smart too critical too cerebral? I hope not. This piece is about love, bodies and music.

Choreography: Gabriella Maiorino Composition: Carlos Alberto Iturralde Assistant to the choreographer: Cristina Leitão Repetitor: Sara Lourenço Costumes: Femke Ratering Dance: Els Alkemade, Dymphi Rijks, Barbara Ebner, Debbie Jeurissen, Anne, Vincent de Munck Artistieke leiding/dirigent de ereprijs: Wim Boerman Directeur ArtEZ Dansacademie: Gaby Allard Artistiek Directeur Generale Oost: Dorine Cremers

premiere June 2009 Arnhem (NL)