Bregtje Schudel, Het Parool, Amsterdam

“Dancers Crtistina Leitao and Valentina Campora embody in their three short pop ups of the distant Kunikuli strong, androgynous woman, with millimitered hair, white unisex tops and blue jeans.”

Different with Underground, an intriguing solo for Marlene Vilhena, who dee red stukijes film barely cover the breasts. Simultaneously girly and seductive she leads the viewer onewoman show her inside. A topentertainer that hard doing its best to its viewers to make sense. She treats the audience even on a PERSONAL When Harry met Sally orgasm, followed by sweet compliments: “You’re so gewildig! So special! So inspired! So strongly! “

At the end she takes everything back. It was not real, it was theater. But where does the actress and starts the real woman?