In the duet “Piccola Meccanica Carnale  the
focus is on the microscopical energetic space created between the bodies of the two performers.
This space originates rhythmical figures which can be seen as the meeting point between
the precision of a mechanical event that repeats constantly, and the alive details which
characterize the ephemeral and impalpable process of thinking and

We study the process of slipping and the amount of
fallibility of every psychic process that accompanies the action. So the
perception, the image, the tics, the intention, the doubt, the imagination, the potential. How the mistake,  the invisible and the non-existing can become a choreographic event.”



Dance and concept
Gabriella Maiorino, Valentina Campora

Giovanni Cavalcoli

CLANCARNAL Amsterdam in collaboration with e-production Ravenna and Ravenna Teatro.


Volksroom, Bruxelles, June 2013