Emilia Nova, Theaterjournaal, Amsterdam

“It is touching and emotional. This performance is not one where you can maintain your distance from art, remaining seated to watch, no, it is about reaching the contact. With the dancers, with he others. All you have to do is surrender.”


Karin Veraart, Het Parool, Amsterdam

“At the moment in which every single sign of life in the container ceased, you hold your breath…”


Audience (from vimeo)

“I have witnessed this performance during the Over het IJ Festival, along with my son of 6 years. This show really make it. It is a guided tour where you become more involved. I have no words for. A beautiful and intense yet lightweight experience. Thank you.”

“I saw it last night and it was really beautiful. Powerful, gripping, an experience. Dancers, environment, noise and crowd, melt into beautiful moments.”


Saskia Naafs, Het Parool, Amsterdam

“Astonished visitors are part of the choreography of Gabriella Maiorino. Dancers in fluorescent hot pants and with war paint on the face, invite visitors for a wild pas de deux. “A little scary,” says a boy, when a dancer comes close. Less shy guys soon follow the example of the dancers on the steep wooden climbing walls. The ‘forbidden from sliding’-sign is missing for the occasion.”


Interview with Gabriella Maiorino and Wietske van der Want, Cultuur Bewust, Amsterdam