TOUCH IT! is the result of an exchange project between choreographer Gabriella Maiorino / Dansmakers Amsterdam and the Brazilian collective NúCleo do DirCeu. This collective includes dancers, visual artists, actors and musicians and is under the supervision of choreographer/director Marcelo Evelin. NúCleo do DirCeu works on a horizontal structure based on artistic autonomy and cooperation between the different disciplines.

The starting point of the piece is about the pleasure or discomfort that the act of “touching” produces in particular societies; the relations between bodies, the taboos, the codes and the gestures that makes the sense of touch acceptable in one culture and not acceptable in another.



Gabriella Maiorino

Dance/ live music
Kayo Arruda, Layo Bulhão, Valentina Campora, César Costa and Juliana França

Light Design
Mike van de Lagemaat

Simone Giacomini

Photo and video material
Mavi Veloso

Melanja Palitta

Dramaturgical Advise
Suzy Blok

Dansmakers Amsterdam in collaboration with NúCleo do DirCeu (Teresina, Brazil)


20-23 october 2011, Melkweg Theatre Amsterdam (NL)