Lucy Ribchester , January 07, Aerowaves, the Place Theatre, London

“Zoo shifted from circus to abattoir, via hospital, club and bedroom on the way, exploring the mucky relationship between man and beast… With vivid satire elevating the more commonplace shock value of its nudity and dark sexuality, Zoo merits a wider audience.”


Jorge Martinez, June 08 Festival Punto Aparte, Murcia, Spain 

“A work with very strong power, extremely critical, that wants to provoke in the audience the worst feelings”



“…But the standing ovation was for ZOO and the five performers of the Italian, Dutch based choreographer Gabriella Maiorino; four legs and naked, back and forward, they created a cinematographic, feral and mounting rhythm, underlined by the beautiful lights, low and swinging”


 Ingrid van Frankenhuyzen / NRC Handelblad 16 april 2007  Korzo theater Den Haag

“The only piece with its own strong personality is ZOO from Gabriella Maiorino. An intriguing work that makes me want to see the next production from the choreographer.”