The Language of the Spirits 2014/2015

The Language of the Spirits is a physical and inner work that challenges all senses: physical possibilities, sensations and imagination of the performer. We work on listening to the own musicality, opening all senses to use and record actively while moving, exploring the inner imagination, images and (different, contradictionary, multiple) characters that appear, opening up for ‘ridiculousness’ challenging the own physicality with ‘impossible tasks’ and the (a specific ) use of the weight of the body which we call liquid traveling through the body. In this work we don’t waste any movement or impulse and we use and recognize everything that comes to us by letting it emerge.

With the “Language of the spirits” we hope to have detected an instrument which conjugates the precision of attention and the execution with the faculty to reach the deep levels of the subconscious. The result of this practice engenders an imagination which puts in crisis the usual perception of preconceived categories: beautiful, ugly, harmonious, grotesque, returning to the body a sort of pre-cultural expressiveness.

It is a powerful tool. It is self-explanatory and this physical (original?) tool it shows aspects of body-spirit that are normally hidden and not shown, also not on stage. The work reveals the covered aspects of a person by accepting and showing the complexity of it including the unpleasant and ugly ones: doubting, judging, enjoying, suffering, questioning. This is why we consider it a politic of aesthetic.

We search for constructing a visceral communication, where the images created by the bodies, both still and in movement, can reveal under covered aspects and different layers of humanity.

(practiced & written with the group “Christ….Fuck!”. Gabriella Maiorino, Julia Berrocal, Kim Hoogterp, Stefano Taiuti, Alma Lindenhovius, Chris De Feyter.  2014)