JACOB HAAGSMA, Dansclick tour, Leeuwarder Courier, November 2006, Holland

❝ The masterpiece of the evening is however the longest piece ‘Anarchistas’ of Gabriella Maiorino…A long, exciting and very promising dance piece. ❞


Cultuurpodium, October 06, dansclick tour, Holland.

❝ ….In this choreography it is very refined the use of spotlights, decor and music/sounded…The grown still (litteral) and intimate moments in this choreography and the relation with the violent and expressive movements of the dancers individually and as a group, make this piece stunning from beginning to end. ❞


de SPITS, juli 05, Fresh dance, Julidans festival, Amsterdam.

❝ Gabriella Maiorino (Italy) opens strongly with a skilfully made ballet: Anarchistas, for four dancers and a dj. At a compelling beat, which never get boring, the dancers freeze in a pose one after the other…. What is fascinating in ANARCHISTAS is the right balance between speed and rests, seriousness and playfulness. Maiorino marked up the most “dansant” and finally also the most fascinating choreography. ❞