‘A curtain that divides the stage into two. On the left a man, on the right a
woman. This simple fact in ‘Hi Bye’ from Gabriella Maiorino & Cosmin Manolescu, puts the senses on sharp from the first minute. Two daydream-worlds are filling the stage. Are these going to mix? The scenes recall unintentional stories to the spectator. Whatever direction the story would go to, they are constantly making you curious for the ending. The evocative music, the intriguing expression of the man and the woman and the gestures they seem to make at each other every now and then, are creating  a great
tension and an incredibly surprising outcome.’



Maarten Baanders,

‘Each of them move unobserved in their own world. Do  the man and the woman
know that   that they exist ? Do they get together?
Hi Bye play a wonderful game with expectations. The curtain made from the beginning  curious for a final surprise, the nicer you ever imagined!’