One studio, two artists, two occupied spaces, distinctively separated, in which
they communicate, relate to each other and create, give feedback, discuss
and dance for the other one, however without the actual possibility of a visual
contact. This is how HI BYE has grown. Three years of virtual
communication, some dancing moments, sharing thoughts and solitudes.
HI BYE is a study about the power of occupied territories and intersections, as
well as the ambiguous thin line which separates one individual from another,
dividing artistic and personal life from one another.



Choreography & performance        
Gabriella Maiorino & Cosmin Manolescu

Original music                          
Simone Giacomini

Maarten Jansen

Produced by
Serial Paradise Company/ Gabriela Tudor Foundation(Bucharest)

Co-produced by
Dansmakers (Amsterdam)

Project funded by
Administration of the National Cultural Fund, National Dance Centre Bucharest, and Embassy of Netherlands in Bucharest

With the support of
Danslab (The Hague)
Stefania Ferchedau


15 november 2011, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest (RO)