VOLKSKRANT, Annette Embrechts andMirjam van der Linden.

❝ Captivating duet Maiorino-Giacomini…… ❞ 


Volkskrant, Annette Embrechts en Mirjam van der Linden. 

❝ Gabriella Maiorino, a talent of Danswerkplaats Amsterdam, lets herself go to the maximum in Prayers, an impressive duet with musician Giacomini, who throws his guitar, electronics and voice into the game. Maiorino lays in a spot of light, her muscles extend and shake like a young, awaking bird… Her body seems driven by uncontrolled physical impulses set by the music. She waves and spins and never stops moving… ❞


Massimo Gradia, PIM spazio scenico, March 2009, Milano (IT)

❝ .…in a choreography full of grace and at the same time charged of sensuality. A performance strongly emotional and double: solemn and sacred and materic at the same time. Wonderfully supported by the music both aerial and mysterious from the guitarist Simone Giacomini. ❞