❝ We don’t want to produce or get meanings to consume like fast food. We don’t want fashion (pret a porter) art-philsophies. We don’t want words and analysis. Just emotional facts. ❞


PRAYERS is a dance and music piece that opens the doors of the unconscious and presents itself as an ongoing flux of sensations, emotions, sounds, atmospheres, wishes, dreams, fears and struggles. The piece contains the double effort to elevate up and dig deep down, putting together absolute transparency and sensual carnality; it recalls a movement towards “other than here and now” that contains the constant struggle of living a real life as artists, constantly creating new-imaginative worlds that abandon the consistency of the reality and belong to the magic of unsaid. PRAYERS is also an intimate journey into the interior spiritual and emotional lives of the artists.

After the well acclaimed and visionary dance piece ZOO, Maiorino and Giacomini want to bring back their languages, movement and sound, to their original pure source, beyond and against the over-use of any conceptualism, and the abuse of bureaucracy in the art world. They let go of all the conventions and expectations surrounding a modern dance performance, and radically return to the instinct and emotion of the subconscious and to the evocative power of the relation between the live sound and the alive body in movement, through an emotional vibrant landscape. Dramaturgy, staging, and conceptualisation are dispensed with as much as possible. They let art come to full fruition by leaving the path of logic.



Gabriella Maiorino

Gabriella Maiorino

Simone Giacomini

Light design
Vinny Jones, Ascon de Nijs

Helen Pokrovskaja

DansWerkplaats Amsterdam (NL) and Devir-CAPA, Faro (Portugal).


6 November 2008, Spui theater, CADANCE festival, Den Haag (NL)